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0002_jesus-caballero-packagingI love things made with care, with artisan hands and knowledge that comes with experience. I work as a wedding photographer in Madeira, so I have to travel frequently to the island. In my last trip there to photograph a family session and engagement, I found a pleasant surprise.
I was sitting outside a restaurant when I suddenly began to hear a printing work. The sound was familiar, and quickly I realized what it was. It was the sound of a vintage Heidelberg presses. I had already seen several online, including old presses had been used in making the best album of weddings velvet raptor, which will be one of the next album I want to offer couples who I am their wedding photographer.
It’s a real lucky to have found this corner of the Atlantic Ocean the artisan who will create my stationery in natural papers. I’m already looking forward to the order.

0001_jesus-caballero-packaging-vintage Heidelberg presses0003_jesus-caballero-packaging-vintage Heidelberg presses0004_jesus-caballero-packaging-vintage Heidelberg presses0006_jesus-caballero-packaging-vintage Heidelberg presses0007_jesus-caballero-packaging-vintage Heidelberg presses0008_jesus-caballero-packaging-vintage Heidelberg presses



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