praia del rey golf beach obidos wedding photographer

praia del rey golf beach wedding

praia del rey golf beach wedding photographer obidos

praia del rey golf beach wedding. Hi! I have prepared this page for people that are looking for a wedding photographer in the Resort Prai d´el Rey golf and beach, in Obidos, Portugal, and now, you are here!!! Welcome!

If you are planning a natural wedding, at the costa da prata, on the west coast of Portugal, near Lisbon and Obidos, this resort is an amazing venue for your small wedding. Or even if you are planning an elopement, an indian wedding, or an asian destination wedding. It is possible to do a symbolic ceremony and reception on the beach, at the garden or on the green of the golf, at an incredible background of the surrounded cliffs, with your best friends and family, I really would love photograph your big day. I love photographing weddings in a simple, natural and different way, with my style, away from the conventional and traditional poses, simply telling your story.

If you would like to do a different wedding on the beach, or on the gardens, with your guest on the same venue, this hotel is perfect for you. If you like my style and my philosophy, I´d love to offer you as a special gift the pre wedding session on the cliffs. You can visit this link to see some different destinations weddins and my style.
Destination Wedding Obidos at Praia del Rey Golf Beach resort
I would love know some info about you to dream with your lovely story. What are you preparing? I include a small form below to get in touch with me.  I will answer as soon as possible, in less 24 hours and do everything possible to photograph your wedding in Portugal.