The Love Knot: A Romantic Forte da Cruz Wedding


Forte da Cruz, perched by the azure waves of the Atlantic, played host to the enchanting wedding of Nadya and Jose. Against a backdrop of historical walls and stunning landscapes, their love story unfolded—a canvas painted with raw emotions, anticipation, and cherished moments.

Breaking Conventions

Nadya and Jose chose to break tradition. Before the ceremony, they shared a first look. The forte da Cruz has lots of beautiful locations to do this special moment before the guests arrive, so just needed some coordination with the getting ready and the timeline for the day. fortress, each detail adding to the anticipation of their big moment.

The Ceremony

A beautiful walking down to the aisle, a beautiful flower wedding canopy full of pink roses and splendes armerias, entered the ceremony area together—a symbol of the journey they were about to embark on as partners for life. Surrounded by loved ones, heartfelt words echoed through the terrace. In a nod to ancient Celtic tradition, they incorporated a binding of hands ritual with assorted ribbons—a love knot that knew no bounds.

Moments and Memories

After exchanging vows, the newlyweds and their guests gathered for a laidback cocktail. The sea breeze mingled with laughter and joy. As an experienced photographer at Forte da Cruz, I captured their love against the stunning backdrop of this historical venue.

The Reception

The reception unfolded in front of the sea. Emotional speeches, a naked wedding cake, and their first dance as a married couple—all under the star-studded sky. A beer pong tournament and a colorful piñata added fun to the festivities. Megan and Kristian’s wedding day was nothing short of magical.


The picturesque coastal Forte da Cruz turned elegant wedding venue in Estoril, Portugal. Couples from around the world choose this historic location for their special day and I am so excited to capturing timeless moments amidst the stunning architecture and unique Atlantic light for them.

romantic forte da cruz wedding in Estoril
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