Top 25 Portugal Wedding Venues

Discover the Top 25 Dream Wedding Venues in Portugal for Destination Couples

Portugal, stands as an enchanting destination for couples seeking a romantic backdrop for their dream wedding. Among its many charms, Lisbon, Sintra, Douro river, Algarve and Alentejo offer a plethora of stunning venues that promise to turn a couple’s special day into an unforgettable celebration of love and beauty.

Explore my curated selection of the most enchanting wedding venues across the history spanning from hidden palaces to rustic Manors and serene vineyards.

Whether your heart desires a romantic A-Frame nestled in the woods or an ethereal outdoor setting, Portugal offers it all.

And what’s more?

I’ve personally captured the essence of nearly every venue listed here, allowing me to offer exclusive insights into what makes each one truly remarkable.

Didn’t find your dream venue on this list? Drop a comment, and I’ll ensure it gets added, complete with sample images, blog posts, or galleries, giving you an immersive glimpse of its beauty. Happy planning!

Should you have any inquiries or seek my perspective on a specific venue, please feel free to reach out.”

Wedding Venues in Lisbon

Quinta do Torneiro Lisbon wedding photography
Forte da cruz Estoril wedding photographer

Forte da Cruz

A seaside castle as your dream wedding venue, nestled in Praia do Tamariz, Estoril. Forte da Cruz offers both outdoor and indoor ceremonies and receptions. With its tropical gardens and exquisite rooms, it sets the stage perfectly for an intimate celebration.

Venue Website
Rua Olivença 13, 2765-262 Estoril, Portugal

chapel with tiles in quinta do torneiro

Quinta do Torneiro

 An exquisite estate offering historic tiled chapel, hand painted charmed rooms and lush gardens for an elegant affair.

Venue Website
EstrADA Q.ta do Torneiro, 2770-144 Paço de Arcos, Portugal

wedding decoration in Lisbon wedding Casa do Marques caterer and Lisbon wedding PLanner #fronteirapalace #lisbonphotographer #lisbonwedding #tiles #lisbontiles

Palácio Marquês da Fronteira

A majestic palace showcasing stunning gardens, tiled rooms and a luxury terrace for perfect al fresco summer dinners.

Venue Website
Largo São Domingos de Benfica 01, 1500-554 Lisboa, Portugal

Rustic summer wedding at Penha Longa Sintra

Penha Longa Resort

Nestled amidst the Sintra mountains, this resort offers a historical monastery structure and luxurious amenities. My favorite locations are around the old monastery and the Nuncio gardens

Venue Website
Estrada da Lagoa Azul Linhó, 2714-511 Lisboa, Portugal

Tivoli Palácio de Seteais

A regal palace featuring breathtaking views of Sintra, ideal for a sophisticated and romantic ceremony. One of my favorites to do an elopement or micro wedding in Sintra

Venue Website
Rua Barbosa du Bocage 8, 2710-517 Sintra, Portugal

Quinta Santa Ana

Historic Wine Estate, An ancestral family property adorned with vineyards, vibrant floral, and a Courtyard time-honored yellow manor. Situated in Gradil, just 35 minutes from Lisbon

Venue Website
Rua Direita 3, 2665-113 Gradil, Portugal

dinner greenhouse wedding lisbon

Areias do Seixo

Contemporary Rustic Retreat Embracing sustainability. Rooms, greenhouse and bungalows in the essence of nature. Nestled in Santa Cruz, a surf point in the map 

Venue Website
2560-046 A dos Cunhados e Maceira, Portugal

elopement chapel Monserrate park #monserratepalace #monserratepark #chapelmonserrate #needleandthreadlondon

Monserrate Palace

Enveloped by lush gardens and forests, this breathtaking location harbors a charming Wedding Chapel ruins, creating an idyllic setting for intimate weddings, seamlessly blending with the beauty of nature 

Venue Website
2710-405 Sintra, Portugal

dinner greenhouse wedding lisbon

Casa sacoto

A beautiful main house of fusion of Mediterranean allure and modern aesthetics, surrounded by vineyards offering a deep portuguese experience 

Venue Website
Casal Sacoto, 2565-116 Carmões, Portugal

Pousada de Lisboa

 A blend of elegance and history in the heart of Lisbon, offering a luxurious experience at downtown. 

Venue Website
Praça do Comércio 31 34, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal

forest wedding sintra quinta hespanhol

Quinta Nova do Hespanhol

 An enchanting vineyard estate providing rustic elegance amidst the rolling hills

Venue Website
Quinta Nova, 2565-136 Torres Vedras, Portugal

decoration wedding Lisbon Pestana Palace

The National Palace of Queluz

  its historic gardens showcase a beautiful blend of landscape and palace design with an incredible atmosphere. The palace’s refined indoor spaces, lavish décor, and majestic ballroom evoke a feeling of grandeur and elegance, making it an ideal setting for a wedding ceremony.

Venue Website
Largo Palácio de Queluz, 2745-191 Queluz, Portugal

Lisbon Pestana Palace wedding photographer

Pestana Palace Lisboa

 A luxurious palace boasting stunning gardens and opulent interiors for a lavish celebration

Venue Website
Rua Jau 54, 1300-314 Lisboa, Portugal

monserrate palace sintra wedding photographer

Camélia Gardens

 set in magical Sintra, beautifully restored old building with captivating ceilings, surrounded by nature and offering a romantic atmosphere

Venue Website
Jardim da Vigia, R. Rodrigo Delfim Pereira, 2710-500 Sintra, Portugal

Casa dos Penedos

 situated in Sintra is a palatial manor exuding a romantic ambiance reminiscent of literary novels. Offering various rooms for indoor ceremonies. The small forest around is simply whimsical offering breathtaking views of the National Palace

Venue Website
Rua Marechal Saldanha 21. Sintra. 2710-631

Quinta da Penalva

 a traditional XIX century portuguese villa inside the forest of Sintra

Venue Website
Calçada Penalva 24, 2710-494 Sintra, Portugal

beach Areias do seixo greenhouse wedding

The Oitavos

 Set amidst dunes and pine trees, this modern venue offers a unique and contemporary wedding experience

Venue Website
Rua de Oitavos, 2750-374 Cascais, Portugal

São Lourenço do Barrocal

 is around 1,5 hours from Lisbon, but the 18th-century agricultural village Offers an authentic, rustic charm with a touch of farm-style simplicity

Venue Website
São Lourenço do Barrocal, 7200-177, Portugal

Quinta da Bella Vista

 a magnificent manor house nestled in Sintra’s picturesque mountains, presents an elegant historic estate—an oasis of tranquility and beauty. Offering luxurious accommodation and an antique greenhouse

Venue Website
Azinhaga de Montinhoso, 2825-045 Costas de Cao- Caparica, Portugal

outdoor dinner in quinta do torneiro in lisbon

Quinta de São Thiago

 Historic Family manorhouse, hidden in a private Sintra valley, surrounding by nature

Venue Website
Estrada nacional 375, Rua do Regueirinho, 2710-405, Portugal

pool at eco resort in Obidos

Rio do Prado

 Contemporary eco modern concept, Embracing wood elements, offering a greenhouse dinner experience in Óbidos, just an hour away from Lisbon

Venue Website
Rua das Poças, 2510-191 Óbidos, Portugal

greenhouse wedding at rio do prado in Obidos #riodoprado #greenhouse #greenhousewedding #obidoswedding #elopement

Quinta da Comporta

 a luxurious and sustainable hotel in the scenic Comporta area, captivates with its stunning beach offering both tradition and modernity in its architecture and design

Venue Website
Rua de Alto de Pina 2, 7570-779, Portugal

Portuguese facade with a beautiful bougainvillea and a rustic bicycle in white, blue, and red colors of the quinta da bichinha

Quinta da Bichinha

 Vineyard Tradition nestled in Alenquer, just 45 minutes from Lisbon, this estate boasts charming Portuguese blue stripe houses, a private lake, and picturesque vineyards steeped in tradition, with an incredible service

Venue Website
Estrada de Vila Chã, 2580-413, Portugal

Quinta dos Machados

 Timeless Rustic Charm located in Malveira, at 35 minutes from Lisbon, this estate offers classic rustic allure, enveloped by private woods

Venue Website
Estrada nacional 8, 2665-006 Mafra, Portugal

sunset beach Areias do seixo greenhouse wedding

Sublime Comporta

 a luxury hotel in the heart of Comporta, nestled amidst umbrella pines, cork trees, and untamed sand dunes, stands as one of Portugal’s finest. Offering an exceptional service to delightful cuisine and wine. With its proximity to the beach, it’s an exquisite venue for a wedding weekend

Venue Website
Estrada nacional 261-1, MUDA, CCI 3954, 7570-337 Grândola, Portugal

Pestana palace intimate wedding

These handpicked wedding venues in Lisbon and its surroundings promise to fulfill the dreams of couples seeking a magical destination wedding. Each venue offers its unique charm, blending history, natural beauty, and sophistication, ensuring an unforgettable celebration of love.

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